A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of Maggie, the Elemental Mage, and protect your crystal from the Elementals seeking to extract it's power!

Made in 6 days for the Weekly Game Jam - 154 with the theme: 'Rock Paper Scissors'

RuneMage uses the core concept from the Rock Paper Scissors game. You control Maggie, the Elemental Mage, and have to aid her in defeating the different types of Elementals by using spells of the type they are weak against. 

Video reviews / gameplays

Short Tutorial

  • Move with W A S D. 
    • Maggie always looks in the direction of the mouse cursor
  • Select a Rune with Q(Earth), E(Fire) and R(Water)
  • Use one of two spells for each Rune:
    • Projectile Spells: Cast with Left Mouse Button
    • Special Spells: Cast with Right Mouse Button
  •  Only the right type of spell will cause damage to the right kind of Elemental.
    • Check Runes and Elements to see the relation between Rune and Elemental types.
    • Status effects like Stuns and Slows can be caused to all Elementals, check the Spells Section to see what each spell does.
    • Use the correct type of spells to kill the Elementals. 
  • You can temporarily disable the Elemental Spawners scattered throughout the map by hitting them with any one of the Special Spells.
  • Protect your crystal for as long as you can, but also be mindful of Maggie's health. You also earn points by killing Elementals!
    • Compete with your friends and family to see who gets more points after a match ends.
  • Have fun!

Made by Christian Hess (Developer and Game Designer) and Tiago Carvalho (Designer and Concept Artist).

Any questions? Don't be afraid to reach out to us:


Long tutorial

(Read time: 4 minutes)


Maggie always looks in the direction of the mouse. You can move her in relation to the camera (forward, backwards, left and right) with the W A S D keys.

Runes and Elements

There are three types of Runes, Water, Fire and Earth, and their relation is as follows:

The Rune's relationship

To select a Rune, press their corresponding button:

  • Earth: Q
  • Fire: E
  • Water: R


Each Rune type is strong against a specific type of Elemental, following the relation graph. You can only kill an Elemental by spells of the Rune it's weak against.

That being said, special effects, like stuns and slows, can affect all elementals. More about that in the Spells Section.

These are the Elementals found in game:

Earth Elemental -> Weak against Fire Rune Spells

Fire Elemental -> Weak against Water Rune Spells

Water Elemental -> Weak against Earth Rune Spells

All elementals have the same health(20 points)and give 10 points to the final score.


Each Rune can be cast as two spells:

Projectile spell: 

  • A simple spell that causes small amounts of damage. Can only hit one Elemental
  • Cast it by selecting a Rune and pressing the Left Mouse Button

Special Spell: 

  • A powerful, long lasting, spell that causes huge amounts of damage.
  • Can insta-kill multiple Elementals it's strong against
  • Cast by selecting a Rune and pressing the Right Mouse Button.

Spell List

Earth Projectile

  • Flies in a straigth line until it hits an enemy or a wall. 
  • Stuns any elemental it hits for 3 seconds.
  • Causes 10 damage to the Water Elemental (2 hits for kill)

Earth Barrier

  • Goes in the direction Maggie is facing. When it stops, it creates an impenetrable barrier for 8 seconds. 
  • Stuns any elemental in it's path.
  • Causes huge amounts of damage to any Water Elemental it hits.
  • Can go through walls.
  • All Projectile spells and the Water Jet can pass through it.

Fire Blast

  • Flies in a straigth line until it hits an enemy or wall. 
  • Causes 10 damage to the Earth Elemental. 
  • Causes burning to the Earth Elemental, enabling it to be killed with one hit and some seconds of burning damage

Circle of Flames

  • Creates a circle of fire in the area where the mouse cursor is. 
  • Any Elemental that steps on it gets slowed by 60% for 3 seconds. 
  • Causes huge amounts of burning damage to the Earth Elemental.

Water Projectile

  • Flies in a straigth line until it hits an enemy or a wall. 
  • Slows any elemental it hits by 60% for 3 seconds. 
  • Causes 10 damage to the Fire Elemental (2 hits for kill)

Water Jet

  • Continuous stream of water in the direction Maggie is facing for 3 seconds
  • Pushesback and slows any Elementals it comes into contact with
  • Causes huge amounts of damage to the Fire Elemental
  • Can't go through walls, but passes through the Earth Barrier

Elemental Spawns

There are Elemental Spawns scattered throughout the battlefield. 

They spawn Elementals at a faster rate as the game progresses! 

You can disable them for some time if you hit them with any one of the Special Spells or by getting near it.

Spawner working normally

Damaged spawner. Don't worry, it'll soon start working again!


The crystal sits in the middle of the battlefield. Elementals walk towards it or Maggie, depending on which is closer. Be careful, if it's destroyed the game ends! Also be careful of Maggie's health, if it reaches zero the game also ends!


You get one point for each second you survive, and 10 points for every Elemental you kill. Compete with your family and friends to see who gets higher score after a match!

Updated 1 day ago
Published 7 days ago
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, earth, elemental, fire, Isometric, mage, runes, water
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDeveloper, Artist

Install instructions

Download and enjoy the game! Run RuneMage.exe and go get yourself some Elementals!


RuneMage.rar 41 MB


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Dear dev,

you mind if i make a torrent for this game?

if you dont reply ill just assume no so dw

Hello, do you mean a torrent to be downloaded via a p2p service?

yes, sites like http://www.legittorrents.info/ (not talking dodgy places like piratebay)

I see, is there a way to link the download to this page? This is our primary way of checking the trendiness of the game in these very early steps.

yes but youd have to look at it manually, for example if you look at this torrent http://www.legittorrents.info/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=eefb181dd955d477... and scroll down under the category "down" it says 37 which is number of times it has been downloaded.

Ok, I understand now. One last question: I'm just wondering, why are you interested in uploading our game to another website?

(1 edit) (+1)

Excellent and fun 3D game. The Effects are really cool.

Hi, i believe you posted this in the wrong game.

Sorry wrong link :D


Game was more fun than i expected, like NLAigis said in his comment, the details in each element is very cool!


Thanks for taking the time to play and record yourself playing our little project! Is it okay if I link your video in the description of the game here on itch?

Of course it is ok to put my video on your description! Feel free joining my discord as well if you want to ;) 


(1 edit)

This is a pretty fun game! I went into it reading the quick tutorial and was able to jump right in and enjoy myself. But when I came back and read the more detailed tutorial, it really impressed me how many details there are in each element of the game. (Pun intended) I didn't even know there were destructible enemy spawners! There’s a lot of depth to be found here which adds to the replayability and player mastery of the game.

If I had some feedback, I think the UI elements could be improved a bit. It would be nice to see the player and crystal health a bit more clearly and with a bit more feedback. (Random example: Maybe when you or the crystal are at low health, a sound effect plays) Also keeping track of score and time while playing would be nice as well.

Other than that though, it was a great time! Definitely give this game a play, it can be quite addicting! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Great job and keep up the great work! 


Just saw your video, thanks so much for playing and taking the time to record it! 

We will take your UI suggestions to heart and improve upon this initial concept. 

Glad you enjoyed playing! Hope to see more comments from you on our other games aswell! Take care!

Also, could I pin your video review jn the game's page?

Sure! I'd be honored! :)